Five ways to spend a Valentine’s “Alone”

VDAYValentine’s day is right around the corner and whether you’re single or not, you may be preparing to spend it alone, or at least without a significant other. Hey, not everyone is into the lovey-dovey romantic stuff right?  For whatever reason you decide to spend your night solo or just with some friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have an enjoyable night!  So what can you do instead to occupy your upcoming Valentine Sunday?  I’ve got a few ideas for you.

Spend your time reading a romance book

So maybe you’re single and sad that you don’t have some guy or girl whooing you over this Valentine’s Day.  Maybe you’re a little down in the dumps that you don’t have date.  Well then, why not throw yourself into someone else’s relationship. And no, I don’t mean third wheel on your best friend’s date.  I mean grabbing yourself a romance book, a young adult book, or even some other easy, relaxing read and spending your V-Day devoted to someone else’s romantic relationship.  Make a night out of it.  Light a fire, drink a glass of wine, and set in for a good night of reading and relaxing.  Stimulating your mind is a great way to keep yourself from fretting over relationships and it’s also a great way to relax, because trust me, you deserve a night of relaxing.

Make yourself a healthy meal or host a dinner party

Valentine’s day is notorious for being filled with food.  Usually a typical date includes a nice dinner and of course a chocolately desert. It’s hard to avoid the chocolate covered strawberries and the mousse cups even if you are staying home and away from the Valentine’s Day mania because it’s literally everywhere!   (And hey, even I’ve bought myself chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. No Shame). So instead, why not create a healthy dish for you and some friends right at home?  Try a new food that you’ve wanted to learn to cook or challenge yourself to make something new with vegetables you’ve never made before.  Fill your plate with fruits and veggies and enjoy the fact that you’re not spending more money than your dish costs to make and that you’re staying healthy.

Watch an exciting Action Movie or a good feminist movie

It’s kind of similar to sitting around and reading a book.  Escaping into a different world is a great way to ignore what’s going on around you.  And what better world to escape to than an action packed world full of excitement and adventure?  Some of my favorite action movies include Marvel Superhero movies and I always find myself not caring about what’s going on elsewhere while I’m watching those kind of movies!

Similarly, if you’re down about being single, or wishing you were out on a date, grab a hold of a movie with strong female characters.  It will help you feel empowered and independent!  One of my go to Valentine movies is “Chicago” because there’s nothing better than saying you don’t need a man than with a movie full of women who shot their significant others for being scumbags!

Hit up the town

heartsThere is absolutely no rule that says just because you’re single or choosing to spend Valentine’s Day without your significant other that you have to stay inside your house for the night!  If you feel like going out for dinner with some friends or hitting up your favorite bar, go for it!  Don’t let a Hallmark Holiday define what you do!  You can even go out to a fancy dinner with your closest friends and do some serious date spying.  It will be fun!

Forget about it being Valentine’s day

One of the best ways to spend your V-Day alone is to just forget that it’s Valentine’s Day all together. Treat it just like any other day and do all the things you normally would.  If you want to invite your friends over for a Walking Dead premier party despite the fact you have a boyfriend, do it.  If you want to go to bed after work at 4 pm because you’ve had a long weekend, do it.  If you want to go for a ten mile run or hit the gym up for a couple of hours, good for you!  Don’t let Valentine’s Day stop you!  Make this day no different than any other day because after all, it really isn’t.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Are you spending it alone or with your special someone?  Let me know what your favorite things to do on V-Day are in the comments below.


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One thought on “Five ways to spend a Valentine’s “Alone”

  1. Awesome post. I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing on my own but it’ll be something wonderful I know. After all, there’s tons of stuff to do in Las Vegas Nevada. You got to be dead to be bored this town! Paulette Motzko


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